Tis the Season for Coats

Tis the Season for CoatsTis the season for a new coat!  I have put together a few of my favorite styles for you.

The Peacoat: It truly is a classic.  You could get this coat in every color and it would never go out of style.  Also like the J.Crew version in red.

The Neutral Pattern Coat: We all know how much I like pattern mixing (last seen here), and you can do it with your winter coat too.  If you pick a neutral colored pattern like the above example, you can pretty much wear it whenever you would wear a black coat.  Also, loving this one and this one.

The Parka Coat: Perfect coat for staying warm and looking stylish!  All the coats from Madewell are really cute this season and I also have my eye on this less expensive version of the parka (since it doesn’t get that cold in SF).

The Pop of Leather: Pops of leather are everywhere, why not have it in your favorite winter coat too!  I especially love this coat with the subtle plaid pattern.

The Winter Coat: This is my go-to style.  If I were to buy one coat for the season I would buy this one… good thing CUSP is having 30% off right now through Nov. 8th!



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