Skulls…Not Just for Halloween

Ok, so I confess Halloween isn’t my favorite holiday. I feel like it always sneaks up on me and I am a not prepared with a costume. Then I rush to buy whichever slutty costume is left in the bag at the costume store and hate every uncomfortable minute that I am wearing it. So I typically try to avoid having to go to any costume parties. That has been made a little easier with the “I have a job” excuse since Halloween has fallen on the weekdays for the past few years. Do you like dressing up for Halloween?pretty skull artEven though I don’t like dressing up for Halloween that doesn’t mean I can’t add a little skull edge to my outfits. Check out these items I found with skulls, now they aren’t just for Halloween!

Skullsscarf~clutch~earrings~ring~thank you notes~tote~pjs~flats




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