Travel Diaries…Venice

Venice!Travel Diaries…Venice 1Venice was everything I dreamed of!  This city is so romantic and absolutely stunning!  We stayed at a little bed and breakfast called Ca’Bonvicini.  It was darling!  I have heard horror stories of people staying in Venice where they paid way too much for a underwhelming room, but I was pleasantly surprised with our choice. The room was not very big (as expected) but it was decorating in white and gaudy gold which I thought was very fitting for the experience.  We also had a little balcony off of our room and were centrally located (or right out of the super touristy area, which I prefer).

We enjoyed seeing all of the sites and getting lost within all of the small streets.  After dinner when we were navigating our way home it started raining. Normally I would have been mad but the whole experience trying to find our hotel in the rain was so romantically fun!  I would 100 percent recommend going to Venice when you visit Italy.

DSC_0055We got our first gelato here, it was delicious!  I wore a maxi dress from Anthropologie with a Cloth & Stone (light version here) chambray over it.

Also wore: Sam Edelman sandals~~Botkier handbag (on sale here)~~J.Crew necklace (similar here)~~Burberry watch

Travel Diaries…Venice 2While I was waiting for the “water bus” I read some of my book The Gravity of Birds by Tracey Guzeman (c/o).  Also showing off my new Venetian glass candy, isn’t it so pretty!

Outfit details: Gap skinny jeans (love this version for fall)~~J.Crew tee~~ Sam Edelman sandals


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