Currently Loving…

A few things I am currently obsessing over…Currently Loving 9.4.13

1.  Over the long weekend, I started a new book that was sent to me, The Gravity of Birds by Tracey Guzeman. I am only 30 pages in and I am already really liking it.  I will probably take it with me to finish on the airplane on the way to Italy!

2.  We used a few chalk boards in our wedding.  I just decided to re-use this one over our bar cabinet from Crate & Barrel.

3.  We made Thai food for the first time this past weekend.  It was actually pretty easy!  Can’t wait to try another recipe!

4. I picked up a few faux flowers at Pottery Barn’s sale this weekend!  I know they are kinda summery, but I am not quite ready to let the season go.

5.  Siri being oh so sweet!

6.  A pic of Nick and I from the wedding we attended this last weekend.  Parker dress (here and here) and DVF wedges.


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