DSC_0084I wore this outfit to brunch last Sunday. Nick and I, along with a couple other friends went to brunch at Greens in Fort Mason Center. If you took peek at that link you will notice it is a vegetarian restaurant. The idea of not having bacon with breakfast was heartbreaking but once I had the breakfast sandwich I didn’t even notice the lack of my favorite protein. I might even go as far to say it is one of the best brunch’s in the city!

DSC_0123 DSC_0137 Purse and booties for fallHappy Almost Labor Day Weekend!! I have another full weekend in store. We have another wedding this weekend in Tiburon. Two of our great friends are getting married which is really awesome!! I am hoping to take advantage of the extra day off with some relaxation and maybe another brunch! Have a fantasitic weekend!

DSC_0108 Banana Republic sweater and handbag~~Madwell skirt~~Shoemint Booties~~Gorjana & Griffin necklace (on sale!) and bracelet~~Burberry watch


One thought on “Brunching

  1. I love that sweater! My mom is always telling me about Greens, she has their cookbook and always makes delicious recipes from it. We should try it for brunch next time she visits!

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