Hand Me That…

So, as most of you know I like to splurge a bit on handbags.  A lot of people think it is ridiculous, including my husband.  He always asks me why I need to spend so much money on something I put my sh*t in?!?  And then I tell him, I work hard and can spend my money on whatever I want!  But my justification typically comes down to price per wear.  I mean, if you divide the cost of the handbag by number of times you use a handbag, that is a REALLY good price per wear number! Especially if the handbag lasts you over a decade.

Again, not everyone agrees.  So, on that note, I wanted to provide a few handbag options in the under $200 range that I think are still stylish and look of quality.  I think my two favorites are the Calvin Klein tote and the Fossil satchel.  Which is your favorite?
Handbags Under 100blacktan and yellowgreenbrownblack

Handbags for under 200blacktanbluetanred

*dedicated to Lisa G. M.



5 thoughts on “Hand Me That…

  1. I totally understand about splurging on handbags (although I do love a good sale) – boys just don’t get it. I seriously love that Fossil satchel…I’ve been looking for a nice satchel bag for a while. Great picks!
    xx Sarah
    sarah kate style

  2. I have trouble sticking to a budget when it comes to anything…so when handbags enter the picture, it becomes even tougher! I love both your choices for work, they would definitely be my top picks!

    xo jen
    Pearls & Lace

  3. The weekend satchel for under $200 is my favorite! I rarely shop for handbags, so I might be due for a new one! 😉

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