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Italy Trip InspirationNick and I just booked flights for an upcoming vacation!  We knew we wanted to do a big one, take a couple weeks off work and go somewhere amazing.  We threw around ideas like New Zealand, Costa Rica, Greece, Bali, the list goes on.

We decided on Italy and could not be more excited!  We are flying into Milan and out of Rome in September and will be there for 2 full weeks! Now that we have our flights, we need to figure out all of the details in between.  I would love if you have any suggestions of cities or towns in Italy you have traveled to and would recommend.  I’m looking for any and all details: places to stay, eat, visit… the whole shebang!  We are excited to visit the big cities but are also looking for some cool smaller towns that are a little off the beaten path.  I am looking forward to your recommendations!



5 thoughts on “Trip Inspiration

  1. So awesome!! You are going to love it! I highly recommend Florence, Venice and Cinque Terre (the Rivera coast) it used to be off the beaten path 15 years ago but has become popular now – regardless it’s super cute and has amazing beaches and hiking from town to town – monterosso is my fave little town – so exciting 🙂

  2. OH my gosh I am so jealous! I am obsessed with Italy! I’ve been twice and can’t get enough. For a small town, I love Assisi. There is a beautiful church with amazing Giotto frescos and it’s perched on a little hill and just amazing. San Gimignano is also really adorable. Basically you can’t go wrong in Tuscany. I also went to Parma which you could easily see on your way down from Milan. I haven’t been to the Almalfi Coast but hear it is a must see, you could take a train towards the end of your trip then end back in Rome. Florence, Siena and the Cinque Terre are also amazing and must-see. This is turning into a really long comment, but if you want lodging or restaurant recommendations let me know.

  3. Wow what an amazing trip this will be! I’ve always dreamed of visiting Italy (and Greece) but have yet to make it to Europe, so I’m really not any help! I can’t wait to see your photos though!

    xo jen

  4. If you spend any time in Rome or on the Riviera, I recommend looking into David Downie’s Food Wine books. He’ll get you out of the tourist traps, into the places where locals eat and help you order. If you don’t already speak Italian, try to learn just enough to order in Italian (“Table for two; I’ll have this; one of these; can I get the check, please,” etc.) It makes such a huge difference and Italian waiters will love you for trying, even if you stumble. Hope you have a great time!

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