Bedding Revamp

I have moved A LOT since I left my hometown for college, 10 times to be specific.  The longest I have ever lived anywhere in the past 11 years has been for a measly total of 2 years.  Since I have become practically a professional mover now, I secretly love moving.  I love that you are able to purge out all the un-needed items and once in your new place redecorate and rearrange.  Nick and I are coming up on 2 years in our apartment and I am getting antsy about needing a refresh.

With the way the rental market is in San Francisco we will not be moving anytime soon and anyway we love our current apartment!  It is in a great location, it has enough room for the two of us and we have slowly been decorating it to reflect our taste.  With that said, I still feel the need to do a little updating.  I think I will start with the bedding.  I feel like this can make a big impact on the feel of our snug little living space.  I am just not which sure which direction to go.  Florals, Stripes, Neutrals, Bright? What do you think?BeddingFloral~Neutral~Stripes~Bright


5 thoughts on “Bedding Revamp

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