Jetsetter Style

What to wear on the plan IMG_2519Nick and I recently took a little trip to Cabo San Lucas for a long weekend.  It is only a three hour flight from San Francisco and was a perfect getaway from reality.  We have both been to Cabo several times before, but we took this trip to relax, disconnect, eat good food and have a little fun!  Even though we were only gone for 5 days, I still had trouble packing in a carry on!  I ALWAYS overpack, no matter what.  I mean all I really needed were a few bathing suits, dresses and cover-ups. At any rate, it was a fantastic getaway and next time I know I only need to pack half of what I lay out!!

IMG_2539IMG_2536Theory sweater (seen here)~~J.Crew tee~~Rich and Skinny jeans (seen here)~~Urban Outfitters sandals~~J.Crew hat~~Bauble Bar and J.Crew necklaces~~Bric’s luggage (given to us by Nick’s parents for Christmas :))


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