WGW…Pretty Pastels

2013-03-04 15.38.05Is it just me or is anyone else dressing like an easter egg lately?  I guess I am just really ready for spring.  Mint is one of my favorite colors for the upcoming season.  This outfit is perfect for spring because it has so many layers.  Here in San Francisco the temperature changes all day.  You pretty much always need some sort of coat in the morning and the evening.  Depending on the day, with this outfit I have a couple layers to peel off if need be.

I can’t go without mentioning this amazing Tory Burch handbag.  Unfortunately, it is actually my friend Abby’s.  It has so much space and is a perfect workbag.  It actually reminds me a lot of this Prada handbag, but is over $1,000 less!

2013-03-04 15.39.09WGW Pretty Pastels2013-03-04 15.42.00Theory blazer (seen here)~~J.Crew factory sweater (on sale here)~~J.Crew shirt~~J.Crew pants (navy, blue and pink on sale now!)~~Tory Burch handbag~~Vince Camuto shoes (seen here)~~Jewelry: David Yurman, Kate Spade, Hermes, Burberry


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